A movie on European Sugar-Mamas in Mombasa

The title sounds so wrong, but that’s the new movie, the real title is Paradies: Liebe. A movie shot in Mombasa by an Austrian crew involving female Austrian tourists and Kenyan boys. I don’t know if I should name it a must watch, but check it out let me know what you think. The trailer is below
The movie director, Ulrich Siedl, does agree that talking about let alone actually making a movie about white sugar mamas who travel to the Kenyan coast as “sextourists” is a taboo topic, but he went ahead to make the movie anyway.


Teresa is a 50 year old from Vienna goes to Kenya to try and find love away from the stressful life with her teenage daughter. She needs a change. At the Kenyan coast, such women are known as Sugar Mamas. These are European women who come looking for young black men to keep them company in exchange of paying for their upkeep. Teresa meets Munga who keeps her company and she falls in love with him, only to find out that the love is one sided as Munga is already taken. Teresa discovers this was all business and that she couldn’t actually buy true love.

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