The Victim Asked to be Eaten – Policeman in Niedersachsen Arrested for Eating Someone


I heard of such a story years ago but I thought it was one of those horror stories made up to scare people about using the internet, but the police in Dresden seem to have unearthed exactly the same incident.

A man identified as Wojciech from Niedersachsen apparently had been fantasising about being killed and his corpse being eaten since he was a young boy. His fantasy came alive early November after he had met Detlef on a cannibalism website. The two kept in touch for a while via emails and smses.
On November 4th, Wojciech was ready to outlive his dream. He took the bus to Berlin where he took a connecting train to Dresden. He met with Detlef and they drove together to Reichnau, where Detlef and his husband own and run a small hotel.
Due to renovations being done on the building, there were no guests at the hotel. Wocjeih and Detlef went to the basement to get on with their plan. Detlef killed Wocjeih, and cut his corpse into tiny little pieces. According to the Berliner newspaper, the police were quite astound at the level of prowess with which the body was dismembered.
According to Focus Online, Wojciech, was quite a stable and successful man. He had been married for 25years and had an 11year old daughter. In 2011, he had even run for political office in Hannover on a CDU ticket (Christian Democractic Union).
The police commissioner refused to comment on the motivation behind the act but insisted that they would continue to investigate the matter.
On Wednesday, Wojciech’s business partner reported him as missing.  A review of Wojciech’s last phone conversations led investigators to Detlef. Apparently Detlef is a police in Niedersachsen.
Detlef has since been arrested in Niedersachsen and is in police custody.
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