What do Germans Wish was Forbidden?


Germany is believed to be a free country but most of the Germans don’t believe they have as much freedom as they would want. And many others would like to forbid more things than those allowed.

A study by the John Stuart Mill Institute listed the following as the top things most Germans would want forbidden.

What Would Germans Like to Forbid


  1. Hard drugs
  2. Cloning human beings
  3. Right Wing Extremists
  4. Unhealthy foods
  5. Soft drugs
  6. Violence in films and computer games
  7. Left Wing Extremists
  8. Credit for people with high debts
  9. Large donations from Political parties
  10. Pornography
  11. Gambling
  12. Drinks with very high alcohol content
  13. Driving at speeds higher than 130Km/hr on the Autobahn (the 17% have to be over 65 year olds…lol….most drive at 50 on the Autobahn, slower than even the trucks)
  14. Assisted death


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