Women With Children get Lower Pension Than Those Without

Penisoner-old lady

Traditionally in Africa, children are your pension. The more children you have, the higher your chances of living comfortably when you grow old. Not only is there strength in the numbers but also you even out the probability that if 50% fail and 50% succeed, you’ll still be well off thus families with over 10kids.

In Germany on the other hand, children are the reason you’ll live badly in your old age. The more children you have the lower your pension according to a research released by Dortmund’s Ruhr Nachrichten.

Women without children received on average €651,45 monthly while those with 1, 2, or 3 children received €602.09, €536.38 and €482,32 respectively.

If you plan to live in Germany even after retirement, then having a child isn’t such an investment after all.

The current system gives women who gave birth to children before 1992, one point while those who gave birth after 1992 get three points.

The Lefts are fighting for this situation to change, a spokesperson of the party told Ruhr Nachrichten, “Children shouldn’t be an old-age poverty risk.  Mothers should have equal rights”.

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