German Terror Suspect Escapes into Uganda

Andreas Ahmed Khaled Mueller
Andreas Ahmed Khaled Mueller

Andrea Ahmed Khalid Müller, the German from Bonn believed to have played a major role in the Westgate attack, is believed to have entered Uganda. According to the Ugandan police, he took a bus from Limulu in Kenya and alighted on getting to Kampala along the Jinja Road.

The Uganda police yesterday circulated Andrea’s photo and walked around the city talking to civilians. The police have set up hotlines for citizens to call in case they have any information on Andrea, they are 0800199699, 0800199399 and 0714667743.

This isn’t the first time the Ugandan police are out looking for Andrea, he had snuck into Uganda last year together with Emrah Erdogan but were never arrested. Emrah Erdogan also known as Salahuddin al-Kurdi, is a German national of Turkish origin.

Emrah Erdogan front and side
Emrah Erdogan front and side shots

Emrah Erdogan is believed to have been responsible for the Moi Avenue bomb blast. Emrah at one point had gone to German papers claiming it was mistaken identity, remember the article: Mistaken Identity? Emrah had snuck into Kenya from Somalia earlier last year but was arrested in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. After the arrest in Tanzania he was deported back to Germany in the custody of the German police.

I think chances of Andrea and his counterparts being arrested in Uganda are much higher than Kenya, chances of arrest are higher even in Tanzania than in Kenya. Hope they get him. My only issue is, after arrest he might just simply be “deported” in which case he still has a chance to continue planning more attacks and even finance attacks. Like who can tell us what happened to Emrah after he came back to Germany? Other than articles in German newspapers claiming that he was actually innocent and that it was mistaken identity, then blaming Kenyan police (yet the photo was released by German officials)? Could he have come back to a “normal life” in Germany exonerated of all crimes? Could he be the one in-charge of collecting funds from the mosques as speculated by the Israeli Intelligence reports?

The Kenyan police better learn a few things from the Ugandan and Tanzanian police. Circulate pictures of ALL suspects, let the public know who you are looking for. I believe 40million Kenyans can find one German man much faster than the hundred thousand or so police we currently have. The Kenyan government should let us in on these “intelligence” information they are holding sooooo close then wondering when the suspects just escape using public means. I bet the guy was even given water or food by a friendly civilian, who didn’t know that that was the guy responsible for our misery.

Below are the news reports from both Kenyan and Ugandan news agencies.


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