Some Painkillers Sold in EAC Cause Kidney Failure

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Almost everyone you meet in Kenya is a “doctor” and at this rate, they might have to start issuing birth certificates together with certificates that just make as all doctors. Although I say this as a joke, it’s a HUGE problem in Kenya and from the report below, it’s a problem in Uganda as well.

In Nairobi for example, most people you meet are either trying to sell you some “natural herbs” or chinese teas that can cure everything and anything. If you dare cough, they have a tea, coffee or tablet to “cure” what you have.

Now it has been discovered that some of the pain killers sold in Uganda can cause kidney failure in adults and children while it deters the development of a foetus’ kidneys when used by pregnant women. The main component of these drugs, indomethacin/indocin, is used as painkiller but is also a main component in rat poison.

You might be quick to dismiss this story as it’s from Uganda, but when you watch the video from the Kenyan police raiding pharmacies run without proper documentation, you ight want to think again.

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