Is it Time Kenya Embraces Entrepreneurship? – Real Talk on Being a Job Seeker


Unemployment is a HUGE problem within our country. But even here in Germany, maybe it’s time we Kenyans take up entrepreneurship. Starting our own companies.

What do you do, when you’re unable to become what you always dreamed of becoming?

Stop dreaming and start somewhere. Pick yourself up and do something.

Your passion doesn’t always come dressed in a suit.

You have a suit but empty pockets.

Jua kali isn’t dirty.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s the passion you do it with. People will notice.

Don’t undermine some jobs.

Instead of waiting for blue collar jobs, go out and work for yourself, you’ll be the one profiting from it directly.

Put God in everything you do.

To get your relatives to hate you, visit them as a job seeker.

Kama ulimaliza 4th form, unaweza zungumza kingereza na unajua kuvuka barabara…..hii ni Nairobi, utasurvive. – Eric Omondi

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