Body of a Kenyan Woman found Decomposing in her Home in Köln


The body of a Kenya woman was yesterday found decomposing at her home. The lady known to Kenyans in Köln as Jennifer Maasai, was found after the neighbours called the police over a pungent stench in the appartment building she used to live in. When the police broke in, she was found dead. Her body was already decomposing thus the pungent smell.Unfortunately, no one is sure of her real names nor her next of kin or relations. Those who have met her insist she was a very quiet lady who rarely spoke about her personal life. Although she made the acquaintance of many Kenyans in Köln, it seems no one knew her beyond the little she told.

It is suspected that she was suffering from depression and had become an alcoholic.

The German authorities have declared the body will be cremated within 2days as no next of kin has been found to claim the remains. The Kenyan Embassy in Berlin has received the news and is trying to find out the lady’s identity. The embassy can only request for a delay of the cremation if they have contact with the next of kin.

If you know the lady’s real name and/or her relatives and/or next of kin, you can get in touch with the Embassy in Berlin:

+49-30-259266-0 or +49-30-259266-11 (during working hours) or +49-170-5653817 (available 24-7)

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