Doctors’ Negligence Leads to Kenyan’s Death in Italy

A four day stay in a hospital in Rome has left a Kenyan lady in Italy dead after doctors neglected her plies for help.

37 year old Kenyan woman, Yvonne Ndinda arrived at the Emergency Unit of the San Giovanni hospital with her husband in tow. She was already on her forty-fourth week of pregnancy, meaning she was already beyond term.

She requested for a caesarean section, but according to the Italian paper,  “Il Messagero”, the doctors said the C-section was not necessary and preferred to wait it out.

“At one point, my wife said she could not breathe, but the doctor did nothing about,” her husband told the paper.

After four days of waiting, the doctors rushed her to the surgery room and she died during the birth. She gave birth to a little girl, Oprah Rose, who is now in serious condition at the Polyclinic Umberto. Doctors believe the child may have suffered brain damage.

“We come from a Third World country and even there, such things don’t happen. My wife had come to join me  in Italy and we wanted to build a family together. But now that will not happen”, her husband said.

Yvonne had recently relocated to Italy to join her husband. They were looking forward to the birth of their baby girl and starting their family in Rome.

The public prosecutor is looking into the matter and investigating to find out if the doctors may be charged with homicide. An autopsy will be performed on the woman’s body at the Tor Vergata Legal Medicine Institute.

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