Police Release Image of Suspect in Kenyan-Murder Case in Essen

Image of the murder suspect, Halfan Halfan Ally. Enclosed in an image of the deceased, Mary Waithera Kamathi.

The public prosecutor and the police in Essen are requesting the public to help them find the main suspect in the murder involving a Kenyan nurse in Essen.

Exactly a week after the body of Kenyan nurse, Mary Waithera Kamathi, was found lifeless on the floor of her boyfriend’s shop in Essen, the police have released an image of the main suspect in the case.

Mary’s husband Carsten showing off Mary’s picture on his phone during an interview with German paper, Bild.

After numerous interrogations and intensive search for clues at the scene of crime, the police have narrowed down their search to a 32 year old Tanzanian man. Halfan Halfan Ally, is believed to have been known to the deceased, their level of interaction or how well they knew each other was not revealed. This would explain why there were no signs of forceful entry into the shop.

Mary must have opened the door and let him enter the shop only for him to go in, hit her on the head with a weapon and leave her for dead.

Halfan is not a stranger to the police, having been arrested severally in the past for other violent crimes. He is believed to have lived in the building where Mary’s shop was at one point.

The general public is requested to contact the police with any information they might have on the whereabouts of the suspect. Anyone who might have seen Halfan Halfan Ally since Wednesday last week, 17th January, should please contact the Essen police on 0201/829-0.

Mary was found last week Wednesday morning, lying dead on the floor of her boyfriend’s shop in Essen. Her employee who found her called in the cops, but it was too late for her to be resuscitated. An autopsy a day later would reveal massive head injuries had caused Mary’s death and a murder commission was set up to investigate the case. (READ:Kenyan Lady Found Murdered in Essen )

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