Kenyan in a Coma After Cancer Diagnosis During a Visit to Germany

A Kenyan lady, who had come to visit friend and relatives in Germany is currently in a coma in a German hospital after a surprise cancer diagnosis.

Scollah, had come to Germany for a short visit when she noticed a pain on her left arm. Having spent the day shopping and carrying around heavy bags, she didn’t think much of it and assumed the pain would go away after resting.

A week later, she would notice a lump on her breast, and on getting suspicious, decided to visit a clinic for a diagnosis. Unfortunately the news were not encouraging. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The tumour found has luckily not metastasized i.e. spread to other parts of the body, however, it has grown quite aggressively forcing Scollah to be admitted immediately for treatment at the Department of Integrative Oncology at the Dr. Herzog Specialty Clinic (Fachklinik Dr. Herzog: Klinik für Integrative Onkologie) in Nidda near Frankfurt.

The treatment was to take six weeks, but she slipped into a coma on Sunday. She continues to receive the required care and treatment. However, the family’s resources are running out and they have reached out to well wishers to help them out.

If you’re willing to help, you can support the family on the GoFundMe Page.

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