Kenyan caught driving friend’s car without a licence


Thursday 1:40am as the police were patrolling Neufahrn bei Freising, they found a Smart that looked abandoned but with its doors unlocked and lights left on. When the police came closer they saw two people standing next to the car but who later ran away on spotting the cops. After inspecting the car, the police looked for the two people but couldn’t find them anywhere.

When the police came back to the Smart, it was driving away. The police stopped the car only to find an intoxicated 25 year old German man sitting on the driver’s seat. The police ran a drug test on him which came out positive and they had to take the young man with them to the station for a blood test.
The young man confessed he didn’t own the car but had been requested by the Kenyan lady to drive away the car.

After further patrol the police were able to find the lady who had asked the man to drive the Smart. The Kenyan lady confessed she had borrowed the car from a friend and was driving it despite not having a driver’s licence.

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