Kenyans at the TU Dortmund Summer School

Summer School in Dortmund 2013

For the 5th time the department of Rehabilitation Sciences in the Technical University of Dortmund were able to organise a Summer School under the theme: „Education, Planning and Abilities“.

The students came from Kenya and Ghana. 8 participants from Kenya and 7 from Ghana who were able to share their perspective from where they come from as well as discuss the differences between the North and South.

Part of the topics they discussed included:

  • „Diversity Management“,
  • „Quality Management“,
  • „(Dis)Ability“
  • „Assistive Devices and barrier-free environments“
  • „Non-permanent migration“.

The class had both theory and practical sections. The practical sessions were realized by visiting some rehabilitation centres and other areas in and around Dortmund like:

  •  Bethel-Werkstätten in Bielefeld an example of a Vocational Rehabilitation Center
  • DSW 21 an infrastructure company in Dortmund
  •  North part of the Dortmund city around the Borsigplatz.
  • Dortmund city planning department, followed by inspection of the plants around the Phoenix Lake.

Included was also intercultural activities where the students got to understand the area better.

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