Kenyan Student Drowns in Seerhein


The 23 year old Kenyan student had gone out to friends on Sunday afternoon (18th Aug) at the Taubenhaus in Seerheim where he got into the water to swim. The young man identified as Lucas (Akel) by some Kenyans, was a student at the Fachhochschule HTWG (Konstanz University of Applied Sciences).

According to the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft), he disappeared from his friends’ view shortly after he got into the water. After the friends tried to find him to no avail, they informed the Police at 6:45pm.

Over 40 people came out to take part in the rescue mission including a helicopter and ten DLRG divers. Although difficult to navigate the area due to the strong currents and overgrown see weed, the divers were able to find the young man at 7:30pm. He was found 3.5m below the water surface and 15m from the shore. The rescue team tried to resuscitate him before taking him to hospital. Lucas passed away at the Herzzentrum Konstanz.

According to the police, Lucas couldn’t swim.

According to Mkenya sources, the family has been informed.

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