Exchange Program for ALL Ages – Experiment e.V.

Susan Mwangi and Katharina Furch
Susan Mwangi and Katharina Furch

Most of us know exchange programs in relation to schools and students but this group has revolutionised the whole exchange program with them having individuals from all ages taking part.

Experiment e.V. is the oldest organisation in Germany that runs exchange programs, they offer school exchange programs, au pair, and the all ages intercultural exchange. The programs range from a few weeks up to a whole year.

Susan Mwangi, a 33 year old Kenyan teacher, recently took part in the all ages exchange program that saw her hosted by Katharina Furch in Hechingen-Schlatt. Susan who teaches German at the Karinga Secondary School, was visiting Germany for the first time. She spent 2weeks at Katharina’s where she was to enjoy the everyday German life before proceeding to Freiburg where she’ll be attending a language course at the Goethe Institute. Although she’s enjoying the whole experience, she’s missing her son whom she calls regularly. She received a scholarship for the language course which was a great opportunity for her.

Experiment e.V. aims to help Germans who are interested in experiencing other cultures but aren’t willing to travel. Katharina on the other hand has used the same program to travel all over the world and now acts as a hostess when she’s in Germany.

Interested in taking part in the program either as a host or exchangee (I know that’s not a word)? Check them out Experiment e.V.

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