Kenyan in Germany Requesting for Prayers and Help


A Kenyan from Köln known to many as Rachel, is requesting for prayers and help from the Kenyan community during this very trying and difficult time in her life.

Rachel who has been living in Köln for the last couple of years has gone through a lot throughout her time in Germany. She’s currently admitted at a mental institute in Essen, after an incident that saw her accused falsely.

After a phone call with her yesterday, her requests were:

  • that we may all come together and dedicate this case to God in prayer
  • that we may help where we can in helping her find a lawyer to defend her against the charges made against her and
  • that we may make time to visit her and comfort her.

She also sent her appreciation to all the Kenyans from Köln who made time to visit her at the hospital while she was admitted in Köln. If you have time you may visit her as of next week by making an appointment at the LVR Klinikum in Essen, she’ll truly appreciate it.

Anyone with contacts to a good lawyer may also visit her and share these contacts.

Rachel is a mother of two and a wife. To save the identity of her children (especially her teenage daughter) and family, it has been requested that her real name SHOULD NOT be revealed. If planning to visit her at the hospital, just requesting for the Kenyan lady will get you in touch with Rachel. She has been using the name Rachel throughout her life in Köln, so she responds to it and many don’t even know her real name. (If you know her real name don’t put it in the comments, tafadhali).

For those interested there will be an online prayer chain to pray for Rachel and many other Kenyans in Germany who are currently going through difficulties. I think now that the Diaspora came out and prayed for peace in Kenya during the elections, it would be nice to have churches in Kenya organising prayers for the Diaspora.

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