Love From Africa e.V. Celebrates Their New Office

Stella Weber and Renate aus der Beek Love from Africa
Stella Weber, founder of Love from Africa and Mayor of Mülheim an der Ruhr, Renate aus der Beek

Love from Africa e.V. the organisation started by Stella Weber in Mülheim an der Ruhr has been around for at least six years. They recently moved from their former offices to a new “home” and on Sunday, friends and family of Love from Africa e.V. were invited to come and celebrate the new premises.

An amazing event, that had the group sing and dance before all the speeches to wish Stella and her team all the best in their new office.

I can say, Stella and her team really out did themselves with the organisation of the party. Unlike most African events, this one started right on time 😉 but some Africans still showed up late ooo, let me not mention their names ooo. LOL…

I had to get a picture of the cake, damn……the cake was sumptuous. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of the cakes here which usually have too much fruit, too much cream and very little cake, you would have loved this one. I’m still salivating, days after the event. I must say, the African in me carried some of it home though….hehehe….Africans always carry food when they go to parties….hehehehe…..this cake I had to carry some. Considering the frosting was red, it might have “coloured” my judgement.

Anyhu, we wish Stella Weber and the whole Love from Africa Team, all the best in their new home and continue with the great work.

Stella Weber from Ghana, started Love from Africa in 2007. The group mainly helps migrant families integrate into German society, they offer:

  • Extra classes
  • Homework assistance
  • Youth encouragement and empowerment
  • Info-evenings
  • Translation services for parents to schools or offices
  • Cultural activities

Love from Africa also has a choir, and they do perform at various events 😉 If you would be interested in volunteering with them or using their services, their contact details are:

Love from Africa
Eppinghoferstr 186
45468 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Love from Africa cake
The famous cake


Love from Africa 3


Love from Africa

Mkenya Ujerumani and Stella Weber Love from Africa
Your one and only chit chatting away after the event with Stella Weber, founder of Love from Africa and Jane, the lady that baked the sumptuous cake.

Love from Africa 1

Lawrence Otoo Love from Africa

Lawrence Otoo Love from Africa e.v.

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