NPD Wants to Deport ALL Foreigners: Regional Governments go to Court to Have the Party Banned

African attacked at the Frankfurt Train Station

The National Democractic Party of Germany, (NPD), whose slogan is “Naturally German” has been taken to court by various regional governments that have come together to condemn the ideologies of the party. The NPD has come up to plan a “Forced Deportation” of foreigners living in Germany. The party has no qualms if the forceful deportation turns violent, the main point is to have the foreigners out of Germany.

The application to have the party banned was confidential but the NOZ newspaper got a copy of the confidential agreement and shared on their website. According to the NOZ, the 268 paged document contained 303 documents to support the application, among them emails, videos from the internet and court rulings. The application will be handed over to the court this week.

This is NOT the first time someone has tried to have the right extremist party banned from the Federal Republic for their undemocratic and inhuman stand. The first time they were taken to the Constitutional court was back in 2003 but that failed as some of the NPD officials had informants at the Constitutional court. The Federal Parliament (Bundestag) and the CDU/CSU-FDP government have refused to be involved in the application to have the party banned. It is difficult to asses the prospects of such an application but the State of Niedersachsen that handed in the application are very confident that their application will go through.

NPD currently has 5744 registered members all over the Federal republic. The idea behind NPD is to “clean” up Germany and only have “pure” Germans. According to their plans, foreigners who have taken up German citizenship should be stripped of their citizenship then violently deported. In the application sent to the constitutional court, the applicant complained that the NPD was pursuing a “racist essentialist” conception which is contrary to human dignity.

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