Qualified Professionals should Apply for Working Visas Instead of Asylum


The head of the Asylum Offices in Germany, Manfred Schmidt, would like qualified refugees who move to Germany to avoid applying for asylum.

“Economic migrants who cannot prove risk of persecution, today have no chance to stay in Germany. They should instead apply for visas as labor migrants instead of asylum seekers”, President of BAMF told the Spiegel Online Magazine.

“70% of the asylum applications in Germany are rejected and this usually affects people who are economic migrants”, Schmidt said. “Some of these refugees are students and highly qualified professionals, but because they were advised to apply for asylum, they sit awaiting the dead end system”. “It’s absurd for this to happen while Germany is out looking for professionals”, Schmidt added.

The BAMF president proposes a new level of inspection where the asylum seekers will be checked on their qualifications to see if they would be better suited as labour migrants instead of asylum seekers. “I don’t want qualified professionals thinking they have to apply for asylum”, the integration commissioner of the federal government, Maria Böhmer (CDU) told the Spiegel.

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