Kenyan Drowns in Neuburg a.d. Donau – Looking for the Next of Kin

Cliff Oase, Kenyan Drowns in Neuburg

The young man known to the Kenyans in Neuburg an der Donau as Cliff Oase, had gone out to chill out at the River Donau and cool down when he drowned. 

According to the police report, the young man was 29 years old and had gone swimming on his bike at around 3pm on Saturday 17th Aug. As he swam towards the Leopoldinen Island, he suddenly went under and never came back up. The rescue team found him 30m below the water surface at 3:45pm. The rescue teams tried to resuscitate him before taking him to hospital where he later died. The reason for going under nor the cause of death has not been discovered yet.

Those who knew him believe he had relatives in Regensburg or elsewhere in Germany but they don’t have their contact details.

He was an asylum seeker living in the refugee camp in Neuburg-Donau.

If you are his family or know his family members, you can call the police station in Neuburg for further information on the next cause of action. Failure to contact the police means the man will be cremated and buried within 7days.

Neuburg Police: 08431 67110

Kenyan Embassy: 0170 5653817 (Emergency number, available 24-7)

or 030 2592660 (At normal working hours)

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