Update on Jennifer Kamwaro

Jennifer Naserian Kamwaro

The lady I wrote about this morning (Kenyan Woman found dead) has been identified as Jennifer Naseria Kamwaro from Narok County. Born in 1973 in Kajiado. It is believed she passed away at least 3 weeks ago.

Well wishers were able to get in touch with the father and uncle and pass on the information. The embassy can now request for an extension to allow the family to decide what they wish to do with their daughter’s remains. The cause of death has not been declared but it’s quite unlikely that a postmortem will be carried out not unless the family requests for it. She is believed to have been living with a boyfriend in the apartment she was found in.

The Kenyan community in Köln will be meeting this Sunday 3pm at Evan’s Pub at Ebertplatz, there is a contribution book in the pub together with a picture of Jennifer. Those willing to help may pass by and contribute.

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