Which Industries Earn the Highest?

Which Sectors Earn What in Germany

Incomes have been rising in Germany since 2007 for the Managers, the income rose by 15.5% in five years while the unskilled had their salary increase only by 9.8% and the skilled were above 12%. If you subtract 8.3% due to inflation, then the salaries didn’t rise as much as assumed.

Although the average income in Germany is set at €3500, the differences between incomes in different sectors are enormous.

The highest paid were those from the aviation industry with an average of €5085 while the least were those from the hospitality industry at €2013. The report also showed there are immense differences between what men and women earned in the various sectors, the biggest difference being in the aviation industry with a difference of €3138 and the least being the clearing and forwarding sector with a mere difference of €21. Highest paid managers were also from the aviation sector at €9313 and the least paid managers were from the hospitality industry at €4022.

Which Sectors Earn What in Germany

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