Ever been the only Black Girl at the Office

Well, you already know I did my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering a strange field for girls let alone a black one at that. Well, during my studies I had to do internships and even afterwards I’ve had to look for a job in my field. It’s rare to find women in Engineering and rarer to find Africans in most German companies.

So imagine my joy when I discovered this show about being a black girl at the office. I’ve worked in many companies, as an intern, both small and international ones here in Germany and I always find I’m the only black girl not only in the office but in the building :(. It’s never bothered me, but it has been funny watching this show cause it kind of shows what I go through in a funny way……

Any of you ever been the only black girl in the office? Want to know what it feels like being the only black girl at the office? Watch this…..

You can get more videos on their Youtube page: Ink Spot Entertainment: the Unwritten Rules.

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