SUVs made in Kenya: Einfach Kenial

Have you heard about Mobius Motors? No? Let me tell you about it…..
Mobius Motors is the one of the future solutions for made by Africans for Africans. Yes, so this company based in Kenya, produces SUVs priced at a mere €4700. It changes from a modern SUV for those that need to stunt to a pick up for those that decide to grasp business deals on the way without loosing your 4wheel drive.

Mobius Two

They’ve already released Mobius One that did well in the market and they are yet to release Mobius Two by end of this year, look out for that.

Mobius One

The company’s moto, “Building a platform for mobility across Africa”. They describe their next SUV, the Mobius two as  “A highly affordable, functional and durable vehicle, designed and built for the African market.” The main aim of this company is to make rural Africa mobile. They’re not looking to expand to European or American Markets, their target is RURAL Africa, not even the cities. As you as proud as I am right now? Yes, this is a car aimed at people who leave in areas with no roads thanx to our Vulture MPs, but again I digress.

Hee, and they are hiring, so any engineer or finance person thinking of going home, check out their careers page here. The jobs are based in Nairobi and they’re all full-time positions. Apply, you just might work for the first African car company.

The only thing that might make some people rethink buying this car is that it has no air con, though I personally don’t think this matters much, with the heat in Africa, I don’t think many cars can keep with it. How many matatus have air con??? And how many have died from this fact? None. But hey, it’s a convertible and comes at very small price compared to most convertibles…ama? You see it’s a very classy car, and some of us when we’re on holiday we could try that stunt by the blond of leaving the handbag in the car….read it here.

Jokes aside, this is an amazing invention from us by us. Check out their site here. For those that never believe African stuff can be functional without the “white” seal, check here, Bild Zeitung has also gotten wind of these news and they are impressed.

If many Kenyans start driving this car will Matasia star, feature it in her videos? Or will she start a new genre called Mobius, now that her last song Probox made her a real celeb? Or someone else will grab this chance and make us proud with another dusty video. (Now I’m just blabbing, I think it’s safe to stop typing like right now).

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