Only in Germany

So juzi I was watching people from my window…..(like those old people who sit next to the window and watch the street), yes exactly like that, the habits we pick up in these societies. So I’m sited there watching, and here comes this lady with her beautiful convertible.
She parks the car and walks out. This sounds normal, but I live on a major street and if you look closely, you’ll see she left her handbag in the car as she went to run her errands wherever. So I went took out my camera and took a pic, (remember she was parking at a no parking zone, I should have sent the pic to the Ordnungsamt…LOL…then I’d complete the whole Rentner pic).

Would you, even after living in Germany, leave your handbag with your wallet in it in a convertible with the roof down?

The security here is amazing, but does paranoia scare you at such instances? Do you walk around holding your handbag tight cause it was snatched once while back home? Do you feel secure here?

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