Keki Mwadhara

So leo nimemaliza exams…hurray!!! So with that celebration wacha I share one of my recent misadventures…msinicheke sana.

For those that don’t know, I’m an Energy engineering student (I know you’re wondering what does that have to do with the cake? Well, kuwa mpole uone Thika Road ikifika Mombasa) My major was a choice because, I love saving time and energy. Sasa most times sometimes it doesn’t go as planned and this is one of those days. I decided to bake muffins (queencakes, wewe mkenya hujui ni the same thing) for a dinner I was attending at a pal’s digz.
(Hope you identified what was missing, if not continue reading)
Ingredients: (this time I have them exact cause I used cake mix)
4 eggs
2 packs Sandkuchen cake mix
300ml Milk/Water
3 tbsp Margarine
My additions: A Teaspoon of Cinnamon, Mixed Spices, Ginger and half a packet of coconut


– Put all ingredients apart from the cake mix into a bowl and mix (Don’t put all the milk/water together at once, regulate depending on how thick you like your cake. The thicker mixture the harder the cake and too liquid makes it too soft and most often than not it doesn’t dry. Trust me, I’ve made a water cake before..too bad I didn’t make pics to share)

– Add the cake mix into the mixture and mix them all. (You can also just add all of them in step 1)

– What you’ll need, the muffin paper forms and the baking forms either in metal or silicon. Used to be soo afraid of using the silicon, expected it to melt in the oven but apparently the engineers know what they are doing. works just as well as the traditional forms, but u need to be careful lest your mixture pours.
– So as I had mentioned earlier, I love saving time and energy. With my oven, I decided I’ll bake all the cakes at once. I haven’t baked muffins for a looong time. If my aunt saw this post she’d be soo embarrassed after she declared me her best baking student. Sorry Aunty, I’m getting back on my baking and will improve very soon. Sasa, I should point out the mistakes:
Mistake 1: Filling the forms too much
Mistake 2: Putting the mixture in the forms without a supporting base

Mistake 3: Not oiling the baking form

Mistake 4: Baking too many things in the oven simultaneously….hehehe….I actually got out the microwave thingy that allows you to warm 2 plates at a time and used it in the oven. What I didn’t know was it elevated my muffins till they were right below the heating element. Right after I shut the oven door, they started producing smoke. My dramatic self starts screaming instead of taking out the cakes….and so this is how they ended up.

Sorry to anyone who checked this post trying to find a real recipe, don’t worry, I’ll do another one soon when I’m more relaxed and more organized. As for now, just laugh with me.

But if I must say….those that had the cakes enjoyed them…nasiringi…

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