Using Baby wipes to clean surfaces

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you must have read many of my misadventures, well most of them don’t always end up as dramatic as some of those pics show. And I decide this time to share a very quiet adventure, using baby wipes to clean surfaces. I’m queen of improvising, 1. Because most of the times I decide to do something out of the blues, I end up needing something I don’t have so I decide to improvise. 2. Because I love adventure and the thrill of not being sure if you just messed up your stuff….guess that’s the reason why I’m an engineer right???

I realized my lamp was getting dusty and is it me or is the dust here oily and sticky??? It gets on my nerves, it completely sticks on anything and everything. I had some wipes, baby wipes, I use them to remove my make up and they are very effective, so why not use them to remove the sticky dusty from my lamp. The first 3 pics are the dusty lamps and the last 2 are the cleaned ones. What do you guys think?

Pass or Fail?

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