Human Trafficking


I watched this story on NTV Uganda and I just had to share it with you people. Human Trafficking is real and continues to go on all over especially in Africa and Asia where young girls are forced into prostitution after being promised jobs abroad.

We’ve heard this same story also in Germany, where young girls are promised au pair positions when living Kenya only to come to Germany and end up in Brothels. I know the video is based on a Ugandan girl going to Thailand, but that doesn’t make this story any less valid for those who are told about stories to go to other countries. Help sensitize those who are back home. I know many people in Africa and even in Kenya still believe going to Europe/Asia/America, or let’s sum it as, abroad will solve all of their problems because money grows on trees here and it snows money as well.
I’m not disputing the fact that you can do a lot abroad than you can do back home, but when the deal sounds too good, think twice. They say only fools learn from their own experience. Please share this info/video and let those back home know, that although life is tough there, sometimes it’s better than being duped into “funny jobs” abroad.

In Germany prostitution is legal, and it is a profession that pays taxes like any other, making it “respectable” but I think like any other profession, individuals should be allowed to make the decision whether or not to get into it.

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