Dentists for Africa e.V.

This is an organisation that was started by Dentists in Thüringen, who decided to use their knowledge to help people in villages in Kenya who couldn’t afford dental healthcare. All the doctors volunteer their time and money to travel to Kenya annually.

The organization not only treats dental issues but also helps educate orphans. One of these orphans is Dorcas Simiyu who recently started her medicine degree in dental health in Uganda.
The organization started in 1999, and is run using funds from well wishers and sponsors. I remember there was a Kenyan who mentioned about volunteering with such organizations and going to Kenya as a volunteer to also share your knowledge. I find that to be a good idea, so for the Kenyan doctors and dentists based in Germany, if you’re interested in volunteering you can check out: Dentists for Africa e.V.

Pictures from their last trip to Kenya can be found here: ZM Bilder

You can watch the documentary on what they actually do below:

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