Palm oil Wahala

Palm Oil

Couldn’t stop laughing when this happened. As part of the journey, I’ve been trying to eat more “traditional” foodstuff from back home (home being Africa the continent and not necessarily Kenya, I’m from Nai so traditional food is ugali, nyamchom and kachumbari which isn’t very healthy nor easy to find around here). A friend introduced me to palm oil a few years back, and I loved it, maybe it’s cause my favourite colour is red the exact colour of palm oil. Anyone who’s ever had an encounter with palm oil knows, it’s beautiful colour is also it’s biggest issue, it stains everything within reach and can make the kitchen look very messy.

Anyway, let me cut this story short, I talk too much, this week I had made spinach with palm oil then put it in the microwave to warm….talk about disaster, here are some pics to explain. I found it soo funny, I had no time to even complain but atleast the food tasted great…..
Laugh with me, cause the leaves were everywhere in the microwave…lol…

This actually reminds me of a story, my grandma grows maize and when I was a kid she used to plant a few “yellow corn”, what we know as unpoped corn. So one day a friend of hers came to visit when my grandma was in Nai and found us eating popcorn, she was jazzed and my grandma willingly gave a bag to take home with her so she could make the popcorn at her place. Now my granny didn’t give her instructions but my granny’s helper did, she told the lady to put oil in a pan let it heat up then add a handful of the corn what she forgot to explain is the importance of covering the pan after you add the corn. Now you can imagine the lady coming to accuse my granny of planning to harm her with evil maize….lol….it wasn’t that funny then but I can’t help myself……Please learn to give full instructions, and with that, I have to go to the Euroshop and get myself a cover for the microwave. I used to have one…lol…that’s another very long story, will write it down soon.

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  1. ooops sorry , i suggest you write about how you went abt cleaning the microwave lol, looks messy, just wondering did you eat or you decided to clean it first. Palm oil can be messy indeed.

  2. Lol….you don’t know how messy that was. After I laughed myself dry, I finally got around cleaning the microwave but by then the food was already cold then I wondered if I should rewarm it??? But at the thought of having to reclean, I ate the food cold.

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