Ushamba nayo


Living in a pressure cooker can get you doing some really wierd stuff. Well the pic above left me in stiches. Kama hujashika, endelea kungoja (If you haven’t gotten the joke keep waiting the bus is coming).

Being in Uni, working, having exams running projects remaining engaged in the community can get the toll on you if you aren’t careful. Last summer I was preparing spare ribs, I love ribs during summer (only have them in summer coz that’s the only time I find them at the supermarkets nearby). I got the ribs well marinated from the supermarket but even then I always have to add a bit of Royco and Ethiopian barbare to give it a bit of kenyan taste. Sasa (now) after I added the spice I covered them with the microwave cover (you remember the missing cover leading to my Palm Oil Wahala). I guess by now you know where the cover ended up,….oohh yes I did, I grilled it and I had baked the one before that.

I’m still contemplating if I should get a new cover or just forget about that storo. I’ve read about the harmful effects of burnt plastic and I wouldn’t like to risk grilling or baking another cover now that summer is just around the corner and the ribs will be in the market in the next couple of weeks.

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