Students Meeting with the Ambassador in Berlin

On the 25th Feb of this year, the Ambassador, Mr Osinde invited all the Kenyan students and researchers currently based in Germany for a meeting in Berlin to discuss issues affecting Kenyan students based here.A new organization for Kenyan Students and Researchers also took this opportunity to launch their website, as well as discuss further development of their organization. To register to this organization, please check out their website

Some points worth pointing out that were discussed at the meeting were:
From the Ambassador, he encouraged the Students and Researchers to:


  • – be good representatives of our country in their different fields.
  • – focus on their goals i.e. what brought them here
  • – focus on what we can learn here and ship it back home.
  • – go back home after completion of studies to boost our country
  • – expand knowledge of existence and excellence to others
  • – prepare and mentor those coming to study here
  • – help one another as brothers and sisters residing in Germany and always feel at home in Deutschland
  • – carry wealth of knowledge back home as potential investors
  • – focus on improving our nation in all dimensions and participate in the country’s events
The Third Secretary Ms Alai and the Consular migration Attaché Mr Wamela discussed the role of the embassy in issueing various documents to Kenyans based in Germany and academics in Germany.
An issue arose on the delay of issueing visas in Nairobi and arising costs for document verification for relatives wishing to visit Germany, and the Ambassador confirmed that this was due to the increase in numbers of “doctored” documents being handed in at the German Embassy in Nairobi that the (German) embassy decided to carry out further investigations on all applications. 
The next minute is scheduled for July, time and date will be announced later (Please check the latest events on the events page

Information and picture courtesy of AKeSRG
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