Opening a Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) in Germany


For students who don’t have a sponsor, you might need to open a blocked account in order for your visa to be processed by the German Embassy in Kenya. If you have a sponsor in Kenya or in Germany, you might want to read this or this.

The blocked account for students should contain at least €8040. The account holder is only allowed to withdraw, €670 a month. However, worth remembering is on arrival, the student will be required to pay the Semester fee, deposit for their accommodation plus rent for that first month. All this could be more than the allowed €670, so plan ahead of time to either carry this extra cash or have it in a separate account to be withdrawn on arrival.



Opening the account:

The most popular bank for the blocked account is the Deutsche Bank. Other banks (Sparkasse, BW, etc) also offer the service, so you can pick any. It normally takes a week for an account to be opened, though it can take longer during the “high season”.


Fill the forms:

You can send an email directly to Deutsche Bank to get the forms at: or you can download them below:

The amounts printed on the supplementary form are the most common standard amounts. If the German Embassy requires different amounts, please write these in the empty fields next to the printed amounts.

Provide information on the name of the university for the bank to open the account at the Deutsche Bank Investment & Finance Center nearest to the university.


Submission of forms

Once you have received the account opening form, please schedule an appointment at your German Mission for the attestation of your signature.

For the attestation you need to submit

  • your passport
  • a copy of your passport’s data page
  • the account opening form (filled out, but not signed)
  • your admission letter, if applicable

The fee for the attestation is 20 EUR

Hand in the completed application form to the German embassy in person. Please also bring along your passport and, if available, a letter of confirmation (copy) from your university/language school. The embassy will certify the application form to open an account and the copy of your passport.

The German embassy, or you personally, then sends all of the documents that you have signed (the certified copy of your official identification, the certified application form to open an account and whe- re available, the letter of confirmation from your university/language school) to the following address:

Deutsche Bank
Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG Frankfurter Straße 1
04024 Leipzig


Cost of opening the account

The service charge of opening the blocked account costs €50. In order to have the full monthly sum at your disposal from the beginning, we recommend that you also transfer this additional €50 to cover the service charge.


Transfer the Cash

Finally transfer the necessary amount to the furnished account and prove this to the German Embassy/Consulate in your home country.


Arrival in Germany

Once you have arrived in Germany, visit one of the Deutsche Bank Investment & Finance Centers, where a member of staff will assist you in completing the service order. This service order informs us of your address in Germany and allows you to order a card to be used at cash machines and for cashless payments. If you wish, you can also set up online banking. Please bring your passport with you.

Please note that without this service order and the accompanying authentication your account will remain blocked! This means that previously entered transfers or direct debits will not be executed.

You can find your nearest Deutsche Bank Investment & Finance Center here:

Visa Application rejected

Should you not be issued with a visa to enter Germany, we require the following documents to carry out the reversal transfer:

  • Lifting of the block on the account by the beneficiary of the blocking notice, or
  • A certificate issued by  the consulate stating that your visa application has been denied, and
  • An order, signed by you personally, to close your account (including the details of the bank account to which the money should be transferred)

Please send the original versions of the documents (not by e-mail or fax) to the address in Germany indicated in the letterhead.

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