Coconut Chicken Recipe


In this blog you can never be too sure of what the next post will be about. Today I share a recipe that I stole from my mother and pimped it to fit my own taste.

I have a weakness when it comes to measuring spices. I almost never measure, I put to taste depending on my mood at the time of spicing. So when you try out the recipes at home, feel free to add or reduce what I state here. I’m from the school of thought that believes cooking is an art and you let your feelings dictate the amount. My recipes will contain vague measurements but precise instructions lest you end up with the popcorn story in your homes.

Chicken (any preferred part will do, I used drumsticks)
Coconut milk
Royco powder and/or cube (I have a weakness for Royco I add it to everything even when I know it’s not necessary)
Ground Turmeric (always thought they call spices cause they’re from the ground #blondmoment)

Salt (optional especially if you use royco cubes plus royco, it’ll be too salty)

Another spice I’d add on occassion would be Chicken Masala and maybe some Cajun spices. A nice idea is to do a spice cocktail, a bit of everything makes the food taste great if you’re into spicy food. Problem is you  wouldn’t know what killed you if you died from the cocktail. If you like spicy food, you shouldn’t miss a collection of Tropical Heat spices, though I heard they’re out of fashion nowadays, I was introduced to Nature’s Own a while back not soo sure if there’s any difference though

Put the pieces of chicken, garlic and a little water in a pot and put on low heat

Depending on what type of chicken (kienyeji, broiler, frozen) you’re using this will take from 10-40mins, turn the pieces regularly to ensure all sides cook and avoid burning

Cook until the all water evaporates and the chicken pieces have turned opaque and are no longer bloody
Mix the royco and turmeric in a small bowl with some water to form a paste and add to the chicken
For the experts you can add the spices directly to the chicken just make sure you stir quickly enough to avoid forming “makidi” (what’s the english word for it?)

When the pieces are well covered with the paste add the coconut milk and stir until the mixture is even
Cover and let it simmer for another 10-15mins

Best served hot with rice (my favourite) or ugali, I’m yet to try it with yams or parsely potatoes.
Excuse the too much soup. I love it when my rice floats….lol….

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