Duales Studium

 This is a post done by our famous Pharaoh himself. He explains what is Duales Studium, how to apply for it as well as where and the advantages of it. As always if you have more tips and great ideas to add, go right ahead in the comments section.

What is a “duales Studium”?

A “duales Studium” is an integrated degree programme that combines normal studies with professional practice in a company. Most universities in Germany offer these programmes because they are proving to be of more convenience to the student, university and company. Universities get higher intakes of students, which lead to planing security and more income (from cooperating companies) and students learn more through practical work and are therefore more qualified after studies. The companies benefit from suitable students whose internal education eliminates introductory training.

There are two options of doing a “duales Studium”: 
– The 1st option is signing a training contract with a company, which obligates you to work for said company only in your holidays while studying. This means that before you start studying, you have to find a company you want to work for, sign that contract and work for them in your holidays for as long as you study.
– The 2nd option is signing a training contract with a company, which obligates you to work for the company every three months for three months regardless of holidays or not. This means that for the duration of your studies, you would be going from theory to practice every three months, i.e. from September to November you are at school and from December to February you are at work in the company.

The advantages of a duales Studium include: 
a) in almost all companies you get paid well for your work
b) most companies also pay your tuition fees 
c) in some cases, they also fully or partly buy your school books
d) if you are working for a small company, you get more integrated into daily business, which raises your chances of being taken on

It has to be mentioned that these advantages are subject to the contract between you and the company. Furthermore, you are advised to seek more information from your university and talk to people who have or are working for the company you are interested in cooperating with in your studies.

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