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Things every perfectionist superwoman should know:

  1. You’re not superwoman, you’re human, you make mistakes and it’s ok
  2. You CAN do everything you set your mind to but you don’t NEED to – I know you can take up another Post Grad and complete it with honors but do you need to? You can enroll at that ACCA class and be the best in your class but you are already established in your field, do you still need another title?
  3. Accept help and learn to delegate – I know you want to do everything for everyone (especially your loved ones) but sometimes you have to let them do it themselves. When you do stuff for people that they ought to do themselves, then you render them completely useless. It’s perfectly normal for the hubby/boyfie to go for shopping, if he’s willing to do it, let him and enjoy having one activity less on your to do list. Let your small sister/brother fill those university forms for themselves, advice them but let them do it.
  4. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, sometimes the flaws is what it needs for it to get that extra humph.
  5. You are your greatest asset, invest yourself in those that matter most to you – spending all your waking hours at work without sparing a single second to call those that are dear to you may sound normal, but it doesn’t keep you happy. Spend weekends with people you love and if they are too far, make time to skype, chat, or call them.
  6. People forget the good you do, but they’ll never forget the wrongs – don’t put others happiness and needs before your own cause they’ll forget it sooner or later. Help when and where you can, what you can’t leave it to those that can because people will talk anyway.
  7. Do good anyway – do what you know is good and right cause your maker is watching you and will deal with you accordingly and because you like doing it.
  8. Prioritize – what’s more important? A networking evening with fellow professionals or a family dinner? Do you really have to fly all the way across 3 continents just to receive the award for your company when your son is graduating or the same day your sister is getting married?
  9. Make happiness a priority – do the little things that used to make you happy. Riding your bike in the park, hanging out with pals laughing out loud, baking, sewing, knitting, listening to music, cuddling, doing nothing, whatever it is. Even if you think a woman of your stature shouldn’t be doing that anymore, you have a right to do what makes you happy
  10. Find a balance in all that you do, don’t overdo anything. You are an achiever but you don’t need to overachieve. You are loving and caring but don’t suffocate people with it. You only live once, but don’t reduce how long you live.
  11. Find time to go out shopping for good shoes and handbags and if you can jewellery. Keep intouch with the feminine side. 

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