Alcoholism is a Killer Disease That Needs to be Addressed NOW!!!!!!

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

Alcoholism is a killer disease that needs to be addressed NOW!

Now is the time to show how this deadly disease has crept into every area of our lives. It disguises itself in the name of „enjoyment, fun and relaxing“ but infact it is a terror virus.

l am campaigning very hard against the increased intake of alcohol which leads to alcoholism because l am a past victim, who has been able to see through its dangerous agenda.Alcoholism has no boundaries and it affects human beings of all ages, races and genders without limit and brings one into disgrace, depression, poverty and eventually death.

I am being very passionate in my campaign because alcoholism is so widespread that it affects every person living today, be it a child or adult, rich or poor.

In your personal life there is an alcoholic either you, your parents, your children, your siblings or your next door neighbour and through their excessive alcohol intake your life is endangered or they are a disturbance or interefering nuisance.

Alcoholism is breaking down nations as very soon we will have a future generation of alcoholics.

Our children and youth today are lacking  positive role models starting from their homes, which are supposed to be the „Love Nest“.

The issue needs to be addressed and l will fight it with all my might despite how many toes l have to step on as l can no longer sit back and watch the world decaying before my very eyes.

This battle should not be mine alone and this is just a „wake up“call for others to join me in your areas starting with the home.

Let us come up with other ways and ideas of how we spend our time and money and be good citizens who can help build our nations and be proud examples to our children.

In the next articles l will be coming up with well researched articles to support just how dangerous daily alcohol intake is and how it leads to alcoholism.

Alcoholism is normally not easy to deal with because most people are in „self-denial“ in the beginning stages untill when it is too late and has affected their education, marriages, jobs and many of their relationships are broken.

lt enters into the body stream and like a slithering snake affects you physically,mentally,emotionally and most importantly destroys your spiritual life and your personal relationship with God.

At this almost final point you are dead even if not physically – a walking zombie, it is that BAD!

I have lived it and l am a living example and together we can walk away as free, healthy people with a sound mind and in an intimate relationship with our Creator.

Written by,

Charity Wairimu Ngugi-Latz

Ann MathuYou can read/watch about Ann Mathu, a courageous Kenyan who used to live in Germany who has been able to overcome alcoholism here: Former KIG talks of her struggle with Alcoholism.

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