19 year old Kenyan Enjoying her Visit in Bayerwald-Dorf

Hilda Shialo

Hildah Shialo, was recently visiting Bayerwald-dorf for 4months and she shared her story.

The story behind her interesting holiday is a long story. When she was only 7yrs old, her parents decided to move from the Nandi Hills where they had lived all their lives to try and find their luck in a better life in Ukunda. They landed in Ukunda with nothing but the clothes on their back.

The family of four, Hildah who was 7yrs old then, her parents Benthly and Jane Shialo and her 3yr old brother, met the lady from Viechtachter, Anneliese Jacquet. Anneliese later decided to sponsor Hildah, which later led to the birth of the Ukunda-Hilfe, a charity organization based in Ukunda.

Now through the organization and as a god child to Anneliese, Hildah came to visit Germany for 4months.

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