Kenyan Dance-group Wows Attendees at the Folklorefestival Danetzare in Erfurt

Kenyan Dance Group

For four days the streets in the centre of Erfurt were turned into dancing halls, with dance groups from all over the world coming to dance in Erfurt. The youngest dancer was a 5 year old from Ireland who got the most applause for his stunning show.

This was  the 8th Folklore Festival with over 500 dancers from 10 countries taking part.

Part of the groups taking part was a Kenyan dance group that had flown in from Kenya for the event.

Unfortunately, the event wasn’t without mishaps as one 12 year old dancer from the Georgian group missed a step during his performance and had to be operated on. The Kenyan group was also not so lucky. They had left a sponsor in-charge of their tickets, only for a mix up to occur and only 14 from the 20 group members getting tickets. Nonetheless, their performance was superb.

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