Kenyan Organizes an International Festival in her German Dorf to Help a School in Kenya

Brenda Drimba Lutz
Nattaya Yim-In (l.) and Naiphon Mahl with her daughter Jennifer from Siam Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Mering, Brenda Drimba-Lutz from the Friedberger Hilfsorganisation Ubuntu (2nd left) and the Cameroonian Maureen Lermer (r.)

Brenda Drimba-Lutz a Kenyan from Friedberg recently joined up with various groups in Mering to organiser a huge International Festival that showcased all the different cultures represented in that region.Brenda who also runs the Ubuntu organisation used the event to raise funds for the organisation in Kenya that aims to finance school lunches for the less fortunate kids in that area. The remaining funds were also used to fund an organisation that helps out abused women in Thailand.

The event which was a huge success was graced by the Mayor of the area and was commended for sensitizing the community at large on tolerance and appreciating the different cultures. Enjoy more pictures here: Pictures from International Festival in Mering

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