Kenyan from Germany Leading a Diabetes Campaign, Come Take Part

Diabetes Awareness Peete Nguah

Diabetes has become a HUGE problem in Kenya. As Kenyans we  only call it “Ugonjwa wa Sukari” (Sugar disease) and assume that just reducing or stopping the intake of sugar means you’re healed which isn’t true. I know every Kenyan either has the disease, is related to someone with it or knows someone who does; meaning this is an issue we should take up as a nation.

Diabetes is a non curable disease but not necessarily a death sentence. Unfortunately, people in rural parts of Kenya and people with very little financial muscle tend to die shortly after getting the disease. According to new statistics more children are being diagnosed with the disease. The Kenyan government has subsidized insulin and equipment required to keep the disease in check for children.

The German based organisation KEDOVO e.V. together with a Kenyan based in Germany, Peete Nguah a volunteer at KEDOVO e.V. and a podiatry student at Berufsförderungswerk Hamm GmbH; will be carrying out a Diabetes Awareness Campaign in Kenya this July.

Peete who attended the Career Fair in Köln spoke very passionately about this project and even got some partners there. If any of you would also be interested in joining in, you can donate for the campaign online: Diabetes Awareness Campaign.

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