Drama as a Refugee Camp is Quarantined Due to Chickenpox – Neighbours Want the Camp Moved


Last week, 8 children living in the refugee camp in Berlin-Reinickendorf were found to be having chickenpox. The police were called in to investigate the issue. The health department (Gesundheitsamt) came in and offered the refugees there a free test to check if they were immune to Chickenpox. Out of 114 who agreed to get tested, 100 were found to be immune. Those who refused to get tested, were not allowed to leave the house and the police were to ensure that they stayed in the house.

You’d think that was the end of the story, right? Wrong, that’s where the drama begins.

The neighbours in that area, decided to protest claiming they had known such a thing would happen with so many foreigners in their area. They went on to produce posters and post them everywhere. On the Posters, it was stated “The Health Office has quarantined the area but adults and children are walking around, they could infect others and no one is checking to see if the rules are followed. (…) What will come next? Measles? TB? Cholera?” The poster ends with a statement claiming that, “Sick people should be charged for bodily harm and avoiding supervision.

The Arbeiterwohlfahrt (nimekosa translation to English) have come out terming this a racist attack against the refugees and they have filed a report with the police.

The neighbours had already refused the setting up of the camp in their area but the state didn’t care. They (neughbours) inturn decided to note down any incidences that might come up so that they can sue the camp and have it moved later on.

Among the complaints include the fact that the children from the camp play at the “neighbours'” playground. The neighbours even took time to write what time and how many foreign kids play at the playground, then delivered this information to the AWO. They even have a blog (kiezblog.com) to discuss how bad the foreigners behave and all the mistakes they make. On such report states: “At around 6:30pm there were 12 children playing at the WEG playground. At 7pm a woman came with the 3-year old and they stayed there for about 15mins”.

This area either has too many pensioners or too many Hartz IVs. Only idle people have to notice how many “foreign” children play in the playground, at what time and for how long. Such things only happen in countries where people know that even if they spend their days watching their neighbours and correcting them, their livelihood is not affected in anyway. Better countries where everyone is too busy trying to put food on their table, they have no time to even care let alone check who was at the playground.

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