Measles Outbreak – Get your Vaccinations Updated (For Kids and ADULTS)

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Vaccinations for kids are usually the norm, but many adults avoid vaccinations especially those in “majuu”. Recently, a town rioted against a refugee camp, claiming the refugees had brought measles to the area but according to reports from experts, it seems measles is widespread in Germany even in areas with no refugees meaning the problem hasn’t come from outside.

In Germany, vaccinations against measles are optional thus parents can choose whether or not to have their children vaccinated. For many coming in, foreigners, they got the vaccinations while they were still kids. What many of us fail to know is that, vaccinations need to be refreshed after a given time.

The Ministry of health has sent out an appeal to parents to have their children vaccinated against this and many of the basic diseases. Adults have also been asked to either be vaccinated or get their vaccinations updated. A doctor recently infected a patient with measles, so it’s a major problem and it’s everywhere.

Measles is more than just the itching on the skin, it affects the brain and if it’s not treated early enough, it can cause death or as in the case of the young Kevin in the video, a persistent vegetative state. If a child is infected, get them to a hospital and have it treated. Measles sometimes creeps back even after years to cause the inflammation in the brain.

Be safe, get vaccinated.

When should your vaccination be updated?

Tetanus, Polio, Yellow fever and Diptheria (Diptherie) – every 10yrs

Measles, Mumps and Rubella/German Measles (Röteln) – regularly for women in their reproductive years

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