Swiss Court Allows Use of “Dirty foreigners” and “filthy asylum seeker” to Refer to Foreigners


According to a court in Lausanne, Switzerland, it is ok to refer to foreigners as dirty, sloppy and filthy or even alluding to that by naming them a swine.

The court argued that the words like “swine” (Sau) or “dirty” (Dreck) are normal German words tha may be abusive but not necessarily racist. The went further to add that referring to someone’s race, religion or ethnic background is what is frowned upon. Apparently, it is ok to call someone a “dirty Nigerian” (Drecksnigerianer) but not to call anyone “black swine” or “Judish swine” (schwarze Sau or Saujude).

The ruling came after an Algerian asylum seeker was arrested during a trade fair in Lausanne in 2007. During the arrest, the police man called the Algerian man a “dirty asylum seeker” and “Filthy Foreigner” (Sauausländer and Drecksasylant). The Algerian man took the police man to court and he was declared guilty of “Racist discrimination” by a court in Basel.

The police appealed this decision at the Lausanne court where he was then declared innocent.

This comes in the wake of a vote by the Swiss to control migration into their country. Majority of the Swiss people voted for a law that prevented free movement into their country. A vote that was taunted to be “against foreigners”.

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