Facebook Parenting Gone terribly wrong

I bet you have watched and read about various parents who’ve taken their parent skills/punishments to Facebook. Remember the guy that shot his daughter’s laptop for dissing him on Facebook? The daughter wrote this on her wall and blocked her parents from seeing it, what she forgot is that her father is an IT expert.

I’m not your slave, it’s not my responsibility to clean up after you…listen to the rest below

There have been many other embarrassing parents that weren’t really trying to help their kids, check out  Most Embarrassing Parent on Facebook here.

Well, it can be embarrassing to have your parents on Facebook and even more embarrassing when they humiliate you and this German woman just found out how bad that can be. A woman in Baden Württemberg posted some pictures of her daughter in a bikini that did not go too well. The daughter got so infuriated that she sued the mother in a court of law. The woman was forced to pay €600 for damages to her daughter, who also requested she delete the pictures. The two have completely lost contact since the incident.

What do you guys think about having your parents on your Facebook pages? Are you friends with your parents on FB?

I think the internet does give us the freedom to post without thinking but I think we should maintain our decency on and offline. If you can never say something offline to someone’s face, then you shouldn’t say it online. Ama? What do you guys think?

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