Alice Cosmetics – Kenyan Owned Business in Germany and Kenya

AliceNziokaAlice Nzioka is the owner and founder of Alice Cosmetics. Alice who is a Kenyan based in Germany, did her ausbildung at the School of Beauty in Düsseldorf in the 90s. After graduating she moved to Stuttgart.

After gaining experience to she joined the Berufschule Kosmetik Stuttgart to become a Meister and subsequently a trainer. Shortly afterwards, she decided to start her own nailcare studio. In 1992 she started Alice Cosmetics in Stuttgart and later in 2001 launched Alice Cosmetics Kenya.
Today with an experienced team, Alice Cosmetics has made a name for itself in the industry with shops in Kenya and in Stuttgart.

To visit her website check here: Alice Cosmetics

Or visit her shop at:


Lindenspur Str. 21

70176 Stuttgart

View Park Towers
1st Floor
Monrovia Street
TEL +254-20243369

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