Caroline Adhiambo Jakob, a Kenyan-German Author Who’s a Self Declared Kati and Blada Champion

Caroline Adhiambo Jakob

Kenya and Germany, two countries that have only one thing in common; their differences.

Caroline Adhiambo Jakob is a Kenyan German author based in Mannheim Germany. Her first novel, “The Outsider(s)”, is not only hilarious but a book that discusses a lot of real issues in a very relaxed manner.

The book discusses two women, a single career driven German Irmtraut Eickelschaft who moves to Kenya and a poor Kenyan Philister Taa who sets out to achieve “riches” in “majuu”. The book aims to discuss the perceptions we have about difference places and cultures and how those perceptions differ from truth.

All the reviews online give the book at least 5 out of 5 stars, with others going out to give flowery comments on how they loved the book:

The Outsider is a beautiful tale – Dora

The Outsider is an entertaining and enjoyable read. – Robert

This book made me laugh and cry in equal measure. – Julia

The Outsider Caroline Adhiambo Jakob

Caroline lives in Mannheim Germany with her German husband and two world’s loveliest/most annoying kids. She was born and brou

ght up in Kenya, having attended the University of Nairobi before moving to Germany and attending the Technical University of Karlsruhe for a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Science before moving to the University of Heidelberg for a degree in Career and Organisational Development.

Her next project is a book on interracial marriages. She aims to answer the questions: what motivates people to get involved with or marry people from  different cultures? how are those relationships?

She’s an avid blogger, you can read some of her articles on: The Foreigner’s Journal.Or follow her on twitter: Caroline A Jakob on Twitter Facebook: The Outsider on Facebook

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