Kenyan receives the Yilmaz-Akyürek Integration Prize

Catherine Flohr, a mother of three and a sibling to eleven, receives this year’s Yilmaz-Akyürek Prize in Osnabrück.

The prize named after the Turk migrant who was well known in his involvement with foreigners in Osnabrück is given annually to foreigners who help other foreigners integrate in Germany.

Catherine Flohr receives the prize this year for her outstanding work as a selfless nurse. She has spent many years working with the Malteser Migranten Medizin that has seen numerous legal and illegal migrants receive medical care with and without health insurance. Not only does she work there when it is required but she also helps the many foreigners with most of their paperwork and even goes a step further to accompany them to meetings with officials or making calls to get documents from the home countries.

Though a trained and highly qualified nurse, she continues to do more than just what is stated in her work description.

She runs the Afro-Info Pool as well to help foreigners exchange information (you can join by sending an email to

Catherine has been in Germany for over 20yrs and is married to a gynaecologist, she says, “When you come to Germany, you have to learn how this country works and adapt to it. We help others become independent”.

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