Kenyan-German Couple Give Up Their House for Refugees

Catherine Flohr Klaus
Klaus and Catherine Flohr, ready for life’s next station at the St Gabriel’s Hospital in Namitete in Malawi.

A Kenyan-German couple in Osnabrück has decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up their house to accommodate refugees.

Catherine and Klaus Flohr, are leaving Osnabrück to go live and work in Malawi. The couple is well known here in Germany and in Kenya for their constant involvement in using their expertise to ensure more people get access to medical care.

Catherine Flohr is the Yilmaz-Akyürek Integration Prize Awardee 2013, for her work at Malteser. At Malteser she ensures that migrants living Osnabrück get access to health care services regardless of their residence status.

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Her husband Klaus Flohr, is a medical doctor and organises an annual medical drive to Kenya, where they offer free surgeries to people who would otherwise not afford them.

The couple has now decided to relocate to Malawi for two years, where they plan to work in the health sector and hopefully allow even more people access health care. Klaus has collected various equipment to donate to the hospitals there.

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On why they chose Malawi, “My husband and I had always wanted to give back to people in Africa. We also wanted to move to country where both of us had never been, thus Malawi and not Kenya”.

With their children now all grown up, with the youngest being 23 years old and the oldest being 35, it’s the perfect time to go and explore. And considering none of their children live at home, there’s no need to leave the house empty when there’s dire need to accommodate the refugees.

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