2 Kenyans complete their FSJ successfully in Delmenhorst


Joseph Kiprono (23) and Stephen Thagwo Boro (22) have been living in Delmenhorst doing their FSJ for the past 15months at a care facility for mentally challenged people. The duo, have learnt to get used to a lot of things during their time there from constantly eating puréed potatoes to the language and culture.
Stephen already has an Ausbildung position as a nurse and started at the beginning of March while Joseph plans to study Political Science in Frankfurt but if that doesn’t work out, he would prefer to go back to Kenya and help mentally challenged people.

Although the beginningwas a bit tricky, the duo improved their language by attending the VHS. Both agree that living in the care facility was a great experience and they felt like part of a huge family.

“This is the first time we’re having Kenyans for the FSJ, but it was a great experience. Generally a win-win situation for both parties”, the facility director, Gilla Natke said.

Tafadhali for those planning to take up FSJ/FÖJ etc, in most cases you’re the first Kenyan doing it there. Please leave a great impression ndio your fellow brothers and sisters get a chance after you have left. Mnajua the Schuhblade mentality, you might argue we’re all individuals but we know that’s not how the German system works. In most cases, after a Kenyan messes up, inakuwa ni sisi wote. Tafadhali, ukichoka nayo, please resign in the correct way na mwachane kwa uzuri.

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